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Property surveyors and architects, Mallorca

Property surveys and architects

While property surveys are standard in the UK they are not necessarily so in Mallorca. The general assumption is that properties are sold “as seen”. A new or recently-built property should come with building guarantees. In this case, providing the relevant licences are in place, a survey might be unnecessary.

There are however clear instances when some sort of survey will be required. There may be a question over the structural integrity of the building. The buyer might plan to extending or refurbish the property. There might be issues relating to the building licences. In such instances a you’ll need to assess the task and decide who to appoint. Your lawyer should be able to guide you and give you contacts suitable for the task. He will most likely refer to you to an architect or a technical architect (the equivalent of a surveyor in the UK).

Our architect and surveyor associates

Taroms arquitectes, Palma

Taroms Arquitectes is a medium-sized firm founded in central Palma in 1970. They are headed by the architects Rafael Vidal Roca (1948), Rafael Vidal Juste (1972) and Maria Vidal Juste (1984). They have an impressive portfolio and credentials, having undertaken projects for Palma Town Hall and a number of renowned hotels including Hotel Portixol in Palma, Esplendido in Soller and Sa Pedrissa in Deia. Their portfolio also includes a wide range of residential projects ranging from renovations of old town properties to contemporary new-builds.

Taroms Arquitectes take pride in building strong relationships with their clients. Their reports are comprehensive and include clear summaries in English or other languages as appropriate. Please contact us for further information.

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