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European Hot Air Balloons Championship 2019, coming to Mallorca

Oct 1, 2019 | Events and lifestyle

This should prove to be an entertaining and ultimately colourful spectacle. The XXI FAI European Hot Air Balloons Championship are to be staged in Mallorca, running from October 22nd to 27th October.

Now a major fixture in the ballooning world, this biennial event comes to Mallorca for the first time this month. First held in Skövde, Sweden the event will feature some 600 participants from 23 countries and up to one hundred balloons.

Organised by Mallorca Balloons, the opening and closing ceremonies will be held in Palma where they will also be handing out the trophies. The actual ballooning will be centred on the other side of Mallorca around Manacor where, apparently, the wind and other meteorological factors are most favourable. Each day will start early, with pilots being challenged to prove themselves the most accurate and skilled in a range of speed, distance and navigation tests.

A great excuse to get out into the countryside for the day. The daily schedule allows for a leisurely lunch and there are some very good country restaurants in the area!

Here’s hoping for some fine ballooning weather!