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5 top buying tips for the current market

Sep 23, 2019 | News and articles

The Mallorca property market has gone from strength to strength over the past five years. With considerable competition for good quality properties in the best locations, buyers need a clear approach to stand the best chance of securing the right property at the right price. Here are our top tips to help put you on the front foot.


The more focused you are regarding the kind of property and type of location you want, the more focused and effective you’re search will be. It doesn’t need to be complicated. But have your key criteria sorted – a list of the “must-haves” that will make a property work for you. And get to know the locations you are considering, so you’re confident you’ll be investing your money in a place you’ll enjoy over time. Having these things clearly in mind will save time and likely lead to a better result.

Show you mean business

Prospective buyers with no clear budget or plan are, inevitably, going to be taken less seriously. At best, you’ll get little time from the people you need to help you. Being clear in your intentions and planning will make you stand out. You’ll get more, high quality, advice and support. You’ll also be introduced to the most interesting property opportunities.

Have a lawyer in place

The legal aspects of buying a property are of obviously of key importance. Having a lawyer in place at an early stage will show you are serious about buying. It will also put you in the best position to move things along and secure a good property while avoiding the pitfalls.

Be open minded

As a property search service, we’d love to be able to say we’ll always find the exact same property that you have in your mind’s eye. In practice however, searches usually evolve as they progress. As we gain more Insight into what does and doesn’t appeal, we might suggest alternative locations or adapt the property specification in some respects. For many of our clients this has led to buying something above their original expectations.

Don’t be pressured

The property business is commission based, which means that everyone gets paid when a sale is completed. Inevitably this can lead to sales tactics intended to hasten decisions, speed up negotiations and seal a deal. Never allow yourself to feel pressured. Make sure you are one hundred percent comfortable with all aspects of your decision before you make any commitments.

One of the advantages to using Mallorca Property Partners is that we will help and advise you in all the above respects, giving you the benefit of our experience and contacts throughout your search and purchase.