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Property surveys and surveyors, Mallorca

Property surveys are standard in the UK and many other countries. In Mallorca they come in a variety of forms according to the type of property you are buying.

Surveys can cover two things: first the structural integrity and condition of the property and second, whether the building has the proper planning permissions.

In Mallorca, your lawyer should check whether the property is properly registered in the land registry and the local town hall. If there are any potential issues, particularly if the property is old, has been extended or altered in any way, the services of a technical architect (the equivalent of a surveyor in Mallorca) may be required to look into this in more detail.

Depending on the age, condition and type of property, it may also be sensible to get a structural survey done. Similarly, if there are signs of damp or any other structural issue a survey is advisable. It should be undertaken either before the Option Contract is signed, or after with a “subject to survey” condition included.

Our recommendation is that you hire a qualified “technical architect” for the task.


Taroms Arquitectes is a medium-sized firm of architects founded in central Palma in 1970 and headed by the architects Rafael Vidal Roca (1948), Rafael Vidal Juste (1972) and Maria Vidal Juste (1984).

They have considerable credentials including having undertaken projects for Palma Town Hall, the renowned hotels The Portixol in Palma, Esplendido in Soller and Sa Pedrissa agrotourism hotel in Deia, and a range of residential projects ranging from sympathetic renovations of old town properties to contemporary new build projects.

Taroms Arquitectes place great pride in having strong open relationships with their clients and they offer a high quality survey service that can be tailored to suit your requirement. Their reports are comprehensive and include clear summaries in English or other languages as appropriate.

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