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Why use a property finder for your Mallorca property search?

April 1, 2013

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I sometimes forget that property finders are not commonplace except for in a few countries, such as France, where having someone to search for a property on your behalf is a long-established approach.

Corporate letting markets are another sector where property finders have found a clear role and a growing demand for their services. It makes sense. Neither the corporation of the executive are likely to know the locations at first hand. They will have limited time to search and must target properties as efficiently as possible.

They will also have many other requirements that need to be researched in order to settle comfortably in their new environment.

For similarly reasons there is a clear role for property finders in Mallorca, specifically in assisting people who are buying from overseas. With regard to our own service, at MPP we:

  • Provide guidance on location choice.
  • Provide guidance on all aspects of buying a property here, from the legal process of buying a property in Mallorca right through to schooling and other lifestyle considerations. We are not relocation agents as such, but we provide many of the services and benefits that they offer to people who are relocating.
  • Offer detailed and thoroughly researched searches designed to find exactly the right property for you, not to sell you a property we have on our books.
  • Arrange well-organised viewings that work to your schedule and respect that you might also want to have time to yourselves while you are here.

Some estate agents will claim to offer the same but, to be fair, it is hard to see how they can do this in the same way when they are contracted to the vendor. We are not – we are completely independent and have comprehensive coverage of the island. Something that no individual agent can claim.

This is very much a snapshot of the benefits of the Mallorca Property Partners service. For more detailed information please see our home page or go here: Mallorca Property Partners – more than just property finders.

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