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Mallorca fiestas, part of the vibrant culture of the island

April 4, 2013

Fiestas, bank holidays, Mallorca

Spain is famous for its fiestas and Mallorca is no exception. They are remarkably varied, vibrantly colourful and highly entertaining.

Everyone in Mallorca loves a good fiesta. For holiday-makers they tend to be an enjoyable part of their island sight-seeing. For locals they have more significance and are a cultural event they can get deeply involved in. For tourists and locals alike however, they are a chance to relax, socialise and let one’s hair down.

There are few times in the year when there are no fiestas on the horizon, so it is worth keeping an eye on the local media or reading the road-side posters that usually precede these events.

Occasions range from the expected such as Easter, through to the less familiar such as Sa Rua (primarily celebrated in Palma the final weekend before Lent) and the seemingly obscure such as the burial of the sardine, held in coastal locations on Shrove Tuesday.

And then of course there are the dimonis, Mallorca’s fire devils. You’ll see them at many of the fiestas throughout the year. They are a subject in their own right which we will cover in a future blog.

You can see a list of the main fiestas here: Fiestas, festivals and bank holidays in Mallorca.

You’ll get an impression of just how varied Mallorca’s fiestas can be from our photo gallery below.

And, as noted, keep an eye out for local publicity too; there’s nothing worse than visiting a local town or village and realising you missed a great fiesta the night before!

Mallorca fiestas photo gallery

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