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Buying a property is more than just an investment in bricks and mortar …

November 17, 2012

Mallorca property locations

… you are also investing in a location! You may have chosen Mallorca above other places as the location for your new home. But unless you already know the island well, this is just the first step in focusing your property search.

Lord Harold Samuel, a British real estate tycoon in the mid 1900’s, is attributed with first coining the expression: “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.”

His words of wisdom have had plenty of mileage since then. Everyone knows that location choice is one of the most important factors in buying any property.

It is surprising then that many people still take the decision to buy in Mallorca regarding it as one place. Quite often we get requests to look for an apartment with “a great sea view” or “close to the beach”, noting it can be “anywhere” in Mallorca.

To some extent this is understandable. Most people get to know Mallorca on holiday breaks. And a few excursions is not nearly enough to give an appreciation of the surprising diversity that this relatively small island offers. Not only does the landscape differ greatly from region to region. Each resort, old town and country village has its own distinct character with different attributes.

Holidays are transitory. It’s your choice whether you visit a destination more than once and you can always try somewhere else if you fancy a change. Buying a property is a longer term consideration. You are making a commitment to a new location as either your permanent or second home.

With this in mind, it’s fair to say that many people don’t spend enough time thinking about and researching their location choice before they start viewing properties.

It is also too easy to be led by slick property presentations on estate agency websites. Without knowing enough about the locations this can lead to disappointments, frustrations and a huge waste of your valuable time on the island. At worst, it might lead to buying in the wrong place, a costly mistake.

In our experience, such mistakes usually lie in people’s relationship with the character of a location, rather than practical points like proximity to the beach or being close to the international schools. This is because the more pragmatic criteria are relatively easy to define and, therefore, get right.

The character of a location is more difficult. You might know that you like the authentic environment of Mallorca’s old towns, but knowing which you would most like to live in is not something you can work out on paper. It is a conclusion you need to come to by experiencing them in person.

You might not even know exactly why a particular place is for you … often “it just is”.

Inevitably building such a familiarity with the island does take some time and effort. This is considerably more difficult when buying from abroad as it usually requires taking time off work, travelling and more costs.

This is one area where using MPP can be an obvious help and, indeed, where we set ourselves apart from other property services and estate agents. For your desktop research, our Location Guide is a good starting point. It has overviews of different areas, along with details of the prices and types of properties to be found there.

But the guide can only be a starting point. When you brief us to manage your search, we will spend as much time as it takes helping you narrow your choices to a clear focus. This means to the point where you not only know which locations you prefer, but also which specific parts of those locations you would most like to live in.

We have a tried and trusted methodology we adapt to each individual client. Some have taken several years to finally decide on a location. Others have needed just a few days recce-ing to come to a clear decision.

Either way, it should be enjoyable, will certainly be time well spent and it will set you up to enjoy your new home with the confidence that you are where you really want to be.

MPP’s property search services are free to you – the property buyer. You can read more about us here: Mallorca Property Partners

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