Deia is one of the most well-known places in Mallorca. Set on the shoreline of the Serra de Traumantana Mountains, the scenery around Deia is dramatic and beautiful, with pine-clad mountains falling away steeply to the sea.

The name “Deia” (or Deya) is of Moorish origin. ‘Ad-daia’ means hamlet and it was the Moors who first cultivated the mountain slopes in this area to produce wine and olive oil. Deia’s fame comes from its history of being home to many notable figures, most of all, the author Robert Graves who lived in there for much of his life.

The impressive list of dignitaries and celebrities who have frequented the area spans many years. As well as Graves, The Archduke Luis Salvador, Manuel de Falla, Santiago Rossinyol, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mati Klarwein, Kevin Ayers, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas and the late Princess Diana have been regular visitors and/or owned homes there.

Deia is, however, a small, understated and personable place. It has a number of very good restaurants and tapas bars, and there are some renowned hotels close by. There is also a small beach, Cala Deia, not far from the village and the area around is good walking territory. Other than this, the favourite passtime seems to be relaxing, enjoying the scenery and chilling out with friends in the local restaurants.

And while Deia is undoubtedly a popular destination for sightseers, coaches are not allowed to park there and it never becomes overrun with tourists. This adds to the attraction for people looking for an exclusive mountainside getaway.

Journey time from Palma de Mallorca and the airport is around 35-40 minutes. Soller Town and Puerto Soller are about 15 minutes away.

Properties and prices

The properties in Deia itself are traditional townhouses ranging considerably in size. There has been very little development, and what there is has been done in a traditional Mallorcan style. In the surrounding countryside there are some beautiful country house fincas.

Prices are, unsurprisingly, at the higher end for Mallorca and Deia is a small place, so supply is limited. While it might possible to buy an apartment for €350,000 or a townhouse for €400.000, good properties will cost considerably more.

Country houses start at just under €1m but, at this level are likely to need modernising. Properties with open mountain and/or sea views are the most sought after. Swimming pools are also a key feature.