Alaro is a traditional Mallorcan town in the foothills on the eastern, landward, side of the Traumantana Mountains. It offers the attractions of a wonderful mountain countryside setting while having good access to other parts of Mallorca including Palma, the airport and many good beaches.

As with most other towns and villages in Mallorca, Alaro has a colourful history. It used to be of strategic importance and the dominant feature of the village is Castell d’Alaro, a refuge from invaders at various times in the island’s past.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Alaro was a favoured hiding place for bandits as well as trading center for mountain produce like olive oil. In 1901 Alaro became the first place in Mallorca to get electric lighting, paid for by two local business-owning brothers. Even Palma did not have electricity at the time.

These days Alaro is a center and market town servicing the surrounding area. It is a a popular day-trip destination for people looking to experience the more authentic side of Mallorca and drawn by the mountain scenery.

Alaro has also become popular as a permanent home for people who work in Palma and for people from other countries. Consequently the town is welcoming, with an element of cosmopolitan sophistication mixed comfortably with its authentic charm. There are some excellent restaurants as well as some good local tapas bars.

One of the great attractions to Alaro is ease of access. Palma is only 20 minutes by car. Many other local towns and villages are within easy reach, and the beaches of both the North and South Coasts are also reachable within 30 minutes.

Properties and prices

Alaro is attractive to those seeking a permanent or regular-use second home in an authentic, but accessible Mallorcan environment. Properties of most interest are traditional townhouses and country houses close to the town.

The prices of properties in Alaro is lower than some better-known old-towns such as Pollensa and Andratx. It is likely to prove a good investment as more people seek to locate to scenic rural locations in Mallorca. Apartments start at around €150,000, townhouses 240,000 and country houses €650,000.