Inland Mallorca, country locations

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The center of Mallorca, known locally as Es Pla, is mostly rolling countryside interspersed with pretty villages, small farms and market towns.

The area has remained largely unchanged for centuries and is characterised by its old windmills, used to draw water to irrigate the fields. The agriculture is varied, from capers, potatoes and apricots in the south, to almonds and viticulture in the west and southeast.

Tourism is inevitably less prevalent although there are some very good agro-tourism hotels, charming tranquil getaways somewhere between a hotel and bed-and-breakfast. The countryside of the center is increasingly popular for cyclists, with “cyclo-tourism” becoming now an important part of the holiday industry.

Demand for properties comes more from the local population, although some towns and villages have become recognised by international buyers as the simple Mallorcan country lifestyle has become more sought-after by people from overseas.