International Schools In Mallorca

There are now 9 international schools in Mallorca, providing high quality educational facilities for the ex-pat communities.

Quality of schooling is obviously a key concern for anyone with children who is considering relocating to Mallorca. Most are in the southwest coast area and this is likely to influence where you choose to live.

Alternatively, you might opt for the local Spanish schools. This will allow you to live in any part of the island but is perhaps more suitable for younger children who are more adaptable.

We would also advise plenty of first-hand research in the localities you are considering – just as in the UK and other countries, the quality of schools varies from one to another.

Referring again to Mallorca’s international schools, places are limited, so we advise visiting them and discuss availability of places as early as possible to stand the best chance of getting a place.

Bellver International College

Bellver International College

Bellver International College is a non-denominational, co-educational day school. Founded in 1950, Bellver is the longest established privately owned British school in Spain.

Bellver International College is located in Marivent which is a few minutes drive from central Palma. It is a modern purpose-built premises include 22 classrooms, 2 science laboratories, gymnasium, drama hall, library, computer lab and art room. The college is situated close to the beach (opposite to the King of Spain’s summer palace) in a residential area 3 km from the center of Palma.

Address: Bellver International College, Calle Jose Costa Ferrer Nº5, Marivent 07015, Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Website: Bellver International College

King Richard III College

King Richard III College

Founded in 1969, King Richard III College is a private co-educational day school following the English National Curriculum, and providing a complete education from Reception to the age of 13 years.

The school is in Portals Nous overlooking the sea and close to the Puerto Portals Marina which is conveniently located about 10 minutes from Palma. The school roll averages 250 students, representing some 20 nationalities.

Address: Calle Oratorio No.4, 07181, Portals Nous, Calviá, Mallorca, Spain

Website: King Richard III College

Baleares International School

Baleares International College

The Baleares International College has been in operation since 1957. The school follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales, and in addition includes Spanish Language (from Nursery age), German (from age 8 for nationals and age 10 for non nationals) and French(from 14).

Located in the Palma suburb of San Agustin, the B.I.S. occupies three acres and includes a library, science laboratories, computer center, art room, music room and dining hall, and possesses a sports court. Games are taught at a local fully equipped sports center.

Address: Crta. Cala Figuera 3A, Sa Porassa, 07181, Calvia

Website: Baleares International College

Queen's College Mallorca

Queen’s College Mallorca

Close to the Bellver Castle, overlooking Palma bay and a few minutes drive form the center of Palma, Queen’s College has a range of purpose-built classrooms, a well equipped science laboratory, art room, computers room, library, school hall, sports and dining facility.

Founded in 1977, Queen’s College has an enviable reputation and caters for some 315 children between the ages of three and eighteen, preparing them for GCSE and GCE ‘A’ level examinations and equivalent qualifications in the Spanish education system.

Address: Juan de Saridakis 64, 07015, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Website: Queen’s College, Mallorca

Agora Portals, Mallorca

Agora, Portals, Mallorca

Agora is close to Puerto Portals, a short drive to the west of Palma. Opened in September 2008.

Agora can take up to 1,700 pupils (currently there are around 500) and is promoted as “Spain’s first ecological school”. Part of Barcelona-based private school group NACE, which has four schools in Barcelona, two in Madrid and one in Valencia..

Agora school offers: Preschool (Escuela Infantil – 0 to 6 years); basic level I (Primaria – 6 to 12 years); and basic level II (Secundaria – 12 to 16 years). There is an international high school level Bachillerato Internacional for 16 to 18 years due to open in 2010.

Address: Carretera Vella Andratx, s/n 07181 – Calvià (Portal Nous), Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Website: Ágora Portals, Mallorca

Academy International School, Mallorca

The Academy International School, Mallorca

Founded in 1985 as a Preparatory School, The Academy now has over 260 students ranging in age from 2 to 16. The majority of the students are Spanish, British or German.

Located in Marratxi which is a small town around 10 to 15 minutes drive from Palma City center, the school is centrally located and within easy reach of most residential locations on the island.

Address: Camí de Son Ametler Vell, Marratxi, Mallorca

Website: The Academy International School

Swedish school, Mallorca

Swedish School, Palma de Mallorca

Located centrally in Palma, the Swedish School offers education to children from 3 years and up. It is a private school catering for a mix of nationalities although most are from Scandinavia.

Address: Calle Infanta 15-17, 07014, Palma de Mallorca

Website: Swedish School, Palma de Mallorca

Lycee Francais de Palma

Lycee Francais de Palma

Located in Palma, a private school catering primarily for the French community in Mallorca.

Address: Calle Salud 4, 07014, Palma de Mallorca

Website: Lycee Francais de Palma

Eurocampus Deutsche Schule

Eurocampus Deutsche Schule

Located in Palma, a private school catering primarily for the German community in Mallorca.

Address: Calle de la Infanta 15, 07014, Palma de Mallorca

Website: Eurocampus Deutsche Schule