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Mallorca Property Partners

Is MPP an estate agency?

No, Mallorca Property Partners is not an estate agent. We are an independent property search service.

The key difference is that we are working for you and not for the vendor of the property. There are many advantages to you in this.


How can you operate without charging a fee?

We have commision share agreements with the estate agents we work with. This is straight forward way of operating that means MPP is paid on success in finding you the right property, without adding further to the overall purchase costs.

You might read on some fee-based competitor websites that there is “no such thing as a free property finder – as they work for the agent/vendor”. This is not correct – we are completely independent and do not have relationships with vendors*.

A fee-based property finders payment is also dependent on finding you the right property. So the only real difference is that they can add as much as 2.5% of the purchase price to the overall costs.

For a property purchase of €1 million, that is a hefty €25,000 for which you, the buyer, will be writing the cheque.

In practice, whether either type of service is objective and impartial or not, comes down to the integrity and experience they bring to the task. MPP’s client testimonials speak volumes in this respect – our good reputation is the foundation of our success.

It is also worth noting that, unlike many companies, MPP does not take commissions from lawyers, surveyors or other professionals we might recommend. We see this as rather a questionable practice when recommending essential professional services.

* We occassionally make exceptions to this when an outstanding property opportunity is introduced to us directly by the owner. Our clients are made aware of this if we put forward one of these properties for their shortlist.


Can you recommend a lawyer or solicitor?

Buying a property abroad can be very different to buying at home. Locations, values and the buying process are less familiar, compiling a good quality shortlist more difficult, and arranging viewings more time consuming, often requiring precious time off work.

MPP is a small independent team of property finders in Mallorca. We work with a selection of tried-and-tested estate agent partners, giving us comprehensive coverage of the best properties. Our partners also include well-reputed property lawyers, architects and surveyors.

This combines with our own 10 years of experience, all of which can be applied on your behalf to find you the right property in the right location, and put you in the strongest negotiating position.

There is no cost to using our service – click below for more details. Or send us an outline search brief so we can discuss informally, with no commitment, how we can help in your Mallorca property search.

Our advice is impartial and objective. The properties we offer are chosen according to your brief, not from properties we have been contracted to sell. We will ensure you are properly advised and always aware of the salient facts.

Our partner network gives us more comprehensive coverage of properties for sale in Mallorca than any conventional estate agent. We have chosen our agent partners on the basis of their knowledge and coverage of specific locations.

  • Area choice

    There is a surprising variety to both the landscape and character of different locations in Mallorca, so this is an essential focus in the early stages but one that many people don’t pay enough attention to at the outset.

    We work with you to identify not only the most interesting properties, but most importantly, the right location.

    Our Mallorca Property Locations Guide gives some initial guidance and we discuss this in more detail when you brief us on your property requirement.

  • Property shortlist

    The property shortlist we compile with you will be focussed and well researched, saving you hours, possibly days, viewing properties that should never have been included.

    We include some of the more interesting properties currently available in our Property Highlights section. The shortlist we compile for you however will be tailored specifically to your brief.

  • Organised viewings

    Mallorca Property Partners will arrange your viewings to fit conveniently with your your stay, so you can avoid the hassle of having to deal with lots of different estate agent contacts.

    We respect the fact that you will want time to yourselves to consider the locations and properties you have seen, and that you might want time off viewings to relax and enjoy the Mallorca sunshine too!

  • A more productive and dynamic approach

    You might be surprised how often people change their criteria as they see properties and locations in person. Being with you throughout, we learn from each viewing. Our coverage of the island and independent flexible working style allows us to adapt the property shortlist as things progress.

  • Guidance on offers and support in negotiations

    The current economic climate makes it even more difficult to assess real values versus asking prices and even more essential to get it right.

    The more information you have, the stronger the position your will be in to negotiate the best price. Our experience and knowledge of the property market in Mallorca can be invaluable in this.

No matter what country you are in, it is essential that you have a good lawyer. We have professional, multi-lingual ADDLINK legal partners in Palma. You are welcome to meet them, free of charge or commitment, at any stage.

We also offer access to a comprehensive range of other Mallorca property professionals you might need such as surveyors, architects, builders and project managers.

Unlike most property finder services, we do not ask for a percentage “finder fee”. The transaction costs (taxes etc) for buying a property in Mallorca are between 10% and 13%. We think adding another 2.5% on top of this is both unnecessary and unrealistic.

Our income is derived from agreements with the various estate agents we work with. We are, however, completely independent and our considerable reputation is founded on providing an objective and impartial service.

For more details on this and other frequently asked question, please see here: ADDLINK FAQs, MPP


What about architects, surveyors and the like?

We have contacts with all the different types of professional you might need when buying, constructing, renovating or managing your property. They all have good reputations and strong credentials.

Unlike many companies, MPP does not take commissions from lawyers, surveyors or other professionals we might recommend. We see this as rather a questionable practice when recommending essential professional services.


Do you deal with property rentals?

No, but we may be able to help. Our sole focus is to help people to find their ideal property to buy. However we can probably point you in the right direction if you let us know your requirements.

Where we can help, is if you are looking to buy a property in Mallorca as a rental investment. Many people buy to let in Mallorca and this can be a very good investment.


Do you pay for flights?

No. While we will help in any way we practically can to make your visit enjoyable and hassle-free, we do not pay for flights. Any property company that offers this is doing it for one reason; to capture your attention throughout your stay and sell you a property.

We will not try to sell you anything. And we believe you should have plenty of time to yourselves during your stay, to enjoy your holiday and / or get to know the locations you are considering.


Does MPP arrange finance?

We can advise you on finance options and put you in touch with financial experts for more in-depth guidance as required.

The best finance route for you will depend on your circumstance and objectives. We work with financial advisors in Mallorca, and some based in the UK, allowing us to help with most financial considerations.