Mallorca Property Partners – more than just property finders

Property finders, Mallorca

MPP is the leading property finder service in Mallorca. We offer objective and expert advice, comprehensive coverage of the island, access to supporting services such tried-and-trusted English speaking lawyers, plus a real dedication to finding your ideal property.

Our company was established in 2000 making it the longest-established professional property finder service on the island. Using MPP can save you a great deal of time and hassle in your search as well as increasing your chances of finding the right property and obtaining it at the right price.

Advantages to using MPP

A single point of access to the best properties in Mallorca.

Our network of partners gives us more coverage than any single conventional estate agent. The agents we work with are specialist in particular locations, giving you access to the best local expertise and most comprehensive local listings. Many properties are not advertised well on the internet or in magazines. By tapping into our network you stand the best chance of covering all the most interesting options.

MPP is an independent service working for you rather than for the vendor.

This means you can be confident our advice is impartial and objective. The properties we offer will be chosen according to your brief, not from a list of properties we are being paid to sell. The advice we give in the purchase process will ensure you are properly advised and aware of the salient facts at all times.

We are there throughout the process, from the initial search to the completion of the sale and beyond.

Area choice and initial shortlist

Our work starts well before you visit. We will liaise with you to identify not only the most interesting properties, but also the right areas. Mallorca is diverse for its size and, if you do not already know the island well, the area choice is the most important criterion to focus on at the outset. A property may look great on the internet but, if it is in the wrong area, you’ll be wasting your time viewing it.

Our first task is to work with you to compile an initial shortlist of properties that match all your criteria including being in the right sort of locations.

It is also worth recognising that not all of online listings are kept up-to-date, so you might be getting excited about a property that was sold many months ago! Sometimes interesting options are not advertised online at all.

The time you spend in Mallorca is precious so the more we are able to focus your requirements before you come the more productive your visit will be.

Professionally organised viewings

You may visit primarily to look at properties but most people will want to take some time off to relax too. MPP will arrange your viewings so they fit conveniently with your plans, saving you the time and hassle of having to liaise with lots of estate agents who may, or may not, have a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Your initial viewing schedule is a starting point. Once we have seen a few properties with you it may be that we adapt the list according to what we have learned. This is another key advantage as you will have one consistent contact throughout rather than having to recount your own thoughts from one agent to another as things evolve.

You might be surprised how much people adapt their own criteria once they are here and into the viewing process. Our coverage of the island and a flexible working style allows us to cater for this.

Guidance on purchase choice and support in negotiations

When it comes to making a purchase choice it is essential that you are well prepared for the negotiations that will follow. It is common to hear of people having negotiated a price only then to find out that there is something important such as a building license detail that materially affects the value.

Our experience, long-standing relationships with the estate agents we work with and our strong legal partnerships mean you will get all the relevant details when you should with no hidden surprises. Furthermore, our knowledge of the market will put you in the strongest position to negotiation the best deal.

And much more …

We can provide pretty much any informatin you want in relation to Mallorca. If we do not have the answers directly ourselves, we will either get it for you or point you to the best source.

This is of particular value of course if you are relocating to Mallorca. But any home purchase, whether permanent or for holidays, is a lifestyle consideration. We will ensure you are able to get a feel for this in the locations you are considering and are well set up to settle in when you move in.

Tried and trusted professional support

There are various professionals you might need when buying. It is essential for example that you have a good lawyer, and we strongly recommend that you use a local lawyer in Mallorca rather than one from mainland Spain or the UK.

We have tried and trusted legal contacts you can use with confidence. In fact you are welcome to meet them free of charge and without commitment prior to making an offer on a property and this is something we wholeheartedly recommend. We also offer access to other professionals that you might need such as surveyors, architects, builders and project managers.

MPP property finder services are completely free of any charges

Unlike other property finders who demand an up-front fee and/or a large commission paid by you (this is additional to the commission paid by the vendor to the agent and inflates the net cost of the property at your expense), MPP does not ask for any fee nor any form of contractual commitment.

Rather, we believe that the quality of our performance should speak for itself. If we are not matching your expectations you should, of course, be free to go elsewhere without having to pay a penalty.

Our income is derived from agreements with the various estate agents we work with. We stress however that we are completely independent. Our enviable reputation has been built by finding people the right properties and helping them buy at the best price.