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Fiestas and bank holidays in Mallorca

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Mallorquins love festivals and there are many throughout the year. They are celebrated and enjoyed with a passion that is one of the great character-giving traits of the island.

Fiestas in Mallorca fall generally into three categories. There are those that are national Spanish holidays, those that are celebrated across Mallorca and the Balearics, and there are also localised fiestas specific to particular towns or regions.

The root of the fiestas lie both in religion and in old pagan traditions. Our recommendation is that you go to every local festival you get a chance to go to. They are entertaining at the very least, and some are quite spectacular and dramatic events.

They generally involve, food, often accompanied by drinking and dancing, and often fireworks too. It is worth noting to that whilst some fiestas have become tourist attractions, none of them is really staged for the benefit of holiday makers. They are very much part of the real Mallorcan culture and lifestyle.

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