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How can you operate without charging a fee?

April 12, 2012

We have commision share agreements with the estate agents we work with. This is straight forward way of operating that means MPP is paid on success in finding you the right property, without adding further to the overall purchase costs.

You might read on some fee-based competitor websites that there is “no such thing as a free property finder – as they work for the agent/vendor”. This is not correct – we are completely independent and do not have relationships with vendors*.

A fee-based property finders payment is also dependent on finding you the right property. So the only real difference is that they can add as much as 2.5% of the purchase price to the overall costs.

For a property purchase of €1 million, that is a hefty €25,000 for which you, the buyer, will be writing the cheque.

In practice, whether either type of service is objective and impartial or not, comes down to the integrity and experience they bring to the task. MPP’s client testimonials speak volumes in this respect – our good reputation is the foundation of our success.

It is also worth noting that, unlike many companies, MPP does not take commissions from lawyers, surveyors or other professionals we might recommend. We see this as rather a questionable practice when recommending essential professional services.

* We occassionally make exceptions to this when an outstanding property opportunity is introduced to us directly by the owner. Our clients are made aware of this if we put forward one of these properties for their shortlist.

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