Mallorca Property Partners

Mallorca Property Partners are the leading property finders, specialising solely in properties in Mallorca

MPP is the longest established property finder service in Mallorca. We will help you to find the right property in the right location and buy it at the right price.

There are no fees or other charges. Click below for more detail on what we offer, or fill in our Mallorca property search form to see at first hand how we can help.

We work with a selection of estate agents across Mallorca. Our partners have been chosen on the basis of their professionalism, knowledge and coverage of specific locations.

This gives us the inside track on the best opportunities and more comprehensive coverage of the properties for sale in Mallorca than any conventional estate agent.

Our work starts well before you visit and is not complete until you have taken ownership of your new property.

  • Location choice

    There is a surprising variety to both the landscape and character of different parts of Mallorca, something that can be difficult to assess when planning your search from overseas.

    Searching for properties without having a clear location focus is at best time consuming, but can potentially lead to a painfully expensive mistake.

    Our Mallorca Property Locations Guide gives some initial guidance. We will help with more detailed guidance and suggestions when you brief us.

  • Property shortlist

    Basing your choice of Mallorca properties primarily on photos and information on the internet is a haphazard process, invariably leading to wasted time and frustrations.

    The property shortlist we compile with you will be well researched. This can save hours, sometimes days, by focusing on the properties you really want to see and excluding those that should never have been on the list.

  • Organised viewings

    Viewing properties in Mallorca usually involves taking precious time off work. MPP will arrange your viewings to fit conveniently with your stay, so you can avoid the hassle of having to deal with lots of different contacts.

    We respect that you will also want time to yourselves to consider the properties and places you have seen, and perhaps to relax and enjoy the sunshine too!

  • A more productive and dynamic approach

    You might be surprised at how often people change their criteria as they see properties and locations in person. Being with you throughout, we learn from each viewing. Our flexible working style, together with our coverage of all key locations, allows us to adapt the property shortlist as things progress.

  • Guidance on offers and support in negotiations

    The current economic climate makes it more difficult to assess values and decide a sensible offer.

    The more information you have, the stronger the position you will be in. Our experience and knowledge of the property market in Mallorca can be invaluable at this stage.

We are an independent service working for you rather than for the vendor. The properties we offer are chosen according to your brief, not from a list of properties we have been contracted to sell.

As with buying properties in any country, a good lawyer is an essential part of the process. We have professional, multi-lingual legal partners in Palma. You are welcome to meet them, free of charge or commitment, at any stage.

We also offer access to a comprehensive range of other professionals you might need, such as surveyors and architects, builders and project managers.

Mallorca Property Partners was the first professional property finder service of its kind in Mallorca. We have consistently led the field in tailoring our service to focus solely on the needs of property buyers.

All our business is handled privately with complete discretion. The details you share with us remain with us and viewings are conducted in cars free of estate agent livery.

Our best advertisement is what our past clients have to say. Please see our client testimonials.

Unlike most property finder services we do not ask for a percentage “finder fee”. The transaction costs (taxes etc) for buying a property in Mallorca are between 10% and 13%. We think adding another 2.5% on top of this is unrealistic.

Our income comes from agreements with the various estate agents we work with. We are, however, completely independent and our reputation is founded on providing an objective and impartial service.

For more details on this and other frequently asked question, please see here: FAQs, MPP


Our location guide is a good starting point for those who don’t know the island well. Click on the map choose an area.

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